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  • Magazine articles

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  • Customer success stories & Case Studies

  • Corporate videos planning and scripting

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  • Content strategy, approach, and target identity

  • brand identity

  • Pitch-planing, presentation and packaging strategy

  • Product definition, breakdown, and mapping

  • Corporate Voice identification and continuity

  • Company perceptions. Internal & external research

  • LinkedIn marketing & Lead Generation

  • Website redesigns, touchpoints, and flow research.


Our methodology


Messages lost in translation.


It's a fantastic fact that 79% of Dutch nationals are fluent in English. However, the truth is when writing in English,  text too often tends to rely on facts, stats and jargon; losing much of its core message due to a lack of nuance, meaning and emotion.


The text can fail to fully portray their real passion and vision, through sometimes long, bland and boring copy that struggles to find its mark. We help our clients to be who they truly are to a global audience - not genuinely vibrant personalities slightly lost in translation.


Boring nerds Versus interesting geeks...


Often the most exciting story is not actually what a product does but how it was created. Regularly we like to make the developers and engineers the stars of our stories engaging with readers by focusing on interesting developmental anecdotes, or stories about how particularly challenging problems were solved.


Getting to know our clients


We feel it's essential to get to know our clients. What makes them laugh. What makes them tick. Taking them back to the origin of their ideas and visions; working together to capture the essence of each project. We believe that everything we write has a purpose. A single piece may have one or more intended audiences. Our mantra is considered content, beautifully crafted to provoke predicted responses for our clients. 


It's a process that works well for both our clients and us. A time to reflect. Generally, clients sit too close to their products. Presume too much; and worst of all, produce marketing copy, written to fill space, rather than to provoke a considered reaction. It's the first thing we ask when asked to write something. Who's the intended audience? What's the hook for the reader? What is it that we actually we want them to do? 


What's in a products DNA?


When a new product is in the pipeline, we work with multiple departments to help compile and define its attributes fully. This way we can establish a backstory that we can universally refer to, and maintain a level of consistency for all future copy. This process is usually a cathartic exercise for all concerned. To understand the pains and passions of other departments throughout the broader workplace affords our clients a clear overview of a product from multiple viewpoints. 


This methodology means we get clear and accurate content to write variable but compelling content tailored to any number of different audiences. Studying the perceived advantages of any solution from multiple stand-points allows us to work with sales and marketing teams to build authentic and compelling business cases.


Helping our clients find their voice


It's crucial for technology companies to know who they are. Do they Nurture and inspire their customers? Alternatively, maybe they lead from the front, telling other companies what they need to do.  Is the company persona male or female? There is no correct answer, and like real people everyone is different.


However, understanding the personality of the company determines the voice in which the company speaks. Whether formal or informal, serious or light-hearted, this voice needs to be consistent. We can help you discover your companies personality and find a voice that fits. 


Perceived Perception


So you know who you are, but how well do your prospective clients know you? Business Perception is a craft that we take very seriously when helping to sculpt the personality of a company. 


It's not the same as feedback. Feedback is reactive and results in altering performance and practises, as a response to what customers tell us

Business Perception is pre-emptive. It's about influencing what people think about you through a carefully considered communication strategy.


How do you perceive yourself and how do your clients perceive you? It's unlikely that these two answers would be the same. Moreover, in reality, for most successful companies they want it to stay that way. 


It's crucial and well worth always remembering. What people think and feel about your company dramatically affects whether they want to do business with you. Controlling this gives you back control.


A Little About Us

Founded in 2016, we are proud to be an eclectic bunch. Native-English speakers with very diverse backgrounds. (Journalism, psychology, fine art, & marketing).  It's important to us that we all fit our company ethos - constructively challenging, positive attitudes. We are fans of fresh and vibrant thinking... 


We share extensive experience running global and national projects for both major multi-nationals and smaller companies with big aspirations. You may have possible driven, watched, played on, spoken into, or simply enjoyed some of the brands and products we helped develop. 


Based in Delft, Holland, we work predominately with Benelux based technology companies, in both the consumer and industrial automation sectors.






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